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RentMen: What are 5 things you can’t live without?
CanadaSwitch: Fried Chicken: Lord, my favorite food even though it's horrible for me. My favorite place is in North Carolina, where i'm originally from, at a fast food place called "Bojangles". They have a fantastic tender recipie, with huge biscuits, cajun fries, and it's not badly priced either. Close friend...
RentMen: What would you say are your greatest attributes?
CanadaSwitch: I have a few though they're pretty well answered in other questions; Empathy would be my biggest one, not even so much in that I can feel for someone else, but more I can understand why they're feeling as they are, and work to make that feeling lessen (if its a negative one) or blossom (if it's a...
RentMen: What do you do for fun?
CanadaSwitch: Besides my hobbies, which is covered in another interview question...: Bars: What better way to meet people then when people are more open and sharing more. It can really foster that deep sense of connection, in a more open way than without. Travel: Iv'e been to a few states in the US, and Va...

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Reviewed by GSWnumberonefan on 04 Oct, 2021
Time Spent:
1 hour
Very relaxing
Are Photos Accurate?
Yes, they are
Yes, definitely
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